Monday, March 03, 2008


Radishes (aka Daikon aka Muli) don't find favor with many among us. I am not too fond of it either, but I like it in a salad that goes by the name 'mulyacha chatka'. I force myself to eat things that I don't like just so I don't miss out on the nutrients they provide.
I bought some white radishes a couple of days ago and made salad out of them. I was wondering how to cook the leaves. I don't like the way they are cooked traditionally - with besan flour, so I decided to experiment. I wanted to couple them with something that would add bulk but also minimize the strong flavor of the radish leaves hence I chose tapioca. Another option could have been potatoes or yams.
Here is how my muli leaves-tapioca sabzi (vegetable) looked. I garnished it with a little bit of sev to make a pretty picture.


Shyam said...

Putting photos of good looking and yummy food is banned on the web. You must not post food pictures. You must make your bloggers taste them!

Akira said...

@Shyam: All readers are most welcome to sample the food that seems yummy (looks could be deceptive remember?) :) just make sure you give me a slight advance notice..

Gowtham said...

i totally agree with Shyam - I had my dinner around 6pm and had to eat again after seeing this post. I AM TRYING TO LOOSE SOME WEIGHT HERE... please have mercy!

Akira said...

@gowtham: Why don't you try some salad from my latest post? ;)