Wednesday, August 02, 2006


For her its just another day,
Lots of work and some play,
Big deal! the world moves on….
Come next is a lovely day,
Success shines and her world is gay,
Big deal! the world moves on….
Ow its followed by a tragic day,
Her world tumbles into shades of grey,
Big deal! the world moves on….
She grieves, she rejoices,
She stumbles, she rises.
And in the meanwhile, the world moves on….


It’s a rainy evening after a long day at work…
They get-together because they have been asked to….
Awkward silence follows the smiles and the small talk….
The party seems like a mundane chore….
The men slowly warm up after the drinks while the women weigh their options between the calories and the chips…..
Unconsciously they drift apart….
The men engage in shop talk while the women are engrossed in topics they feel are far better than shop-talk…
Dinner is served…. the men are unmindful….the women hurry and try to do justice by nibbling at it…
And so a party ends….
Truly men are from Mars and women are from Venus…