Wednesday, August 02, 2006


For her its just another day,
Lots of work and some play,
Big deal! the world moves on….
Come next is a lovely day,
Success shines and her world is gay,
Big deal! the world moves on….
Ow its followed by a tragic day,
Her world tumbles into shades of grey,
Big deal! the world moves on….
She grieves, she rejoices,
She stumbles, she rises.
And in the meanwhile, the world moves on….


Hazel Dream said...

glimpse of a lonly heart ...
it is like a mirror where we can see our self

Shyam said...

Sunday ho ya Monday,
It's just another day
yeh hai life ke funde.

ha ha ha.

This one reminds me "The Brook" where a brook is the personification of a human life. At the end of each stanza, you will see, "Men may come and men may go, But I go on forever".

Anonymous said...

hey, that was a lovely one!

Enigma said...

stumbled across ur blog. its a nice poem

Akira said...

@direkishore, @Enigma: Thank was just something that came naturally... :)