Thursday, August 25, 2005


She rises early in the morning, the supercomputer inside her head doing numerous time-task computations to arrive at the optimum algorithm to successfully complete the countless tasks at hand. She does not have the option of extended deadlines nor is there a possibility of having new resources allocated.
She cooks, she cleans. She sees the kids and other members off to their daily routines and if working, sprints off just in time for her train/bus. She works hard; at times she trades her docile self to that of an aggressive lioness to keep herself alive in the rat race. She nurtures, she disciplines. She indulges you and spoils you rotten and yet she is the one to set the rules. She shares your dreams and disappointments. She entertains guests and weaves a social circle about the family. She knows when you are down and also knows exactly how to cheer you up. She makes a home!
She has to play mom, wife, teacher, playmate, friend, guide….you name it, she does not need takes and re-takes. Isn’t she multitasking personified??
As a career gal myself, I have realized the innumerable responsibilities a working woman has and the fact that “there can be no excuses” if things follow a downward spiral. Recently I also saw a cartoon depicting a woman with many pairs of hands, each pair busy doing something. I am sure every working woman would love to have those extra pair of hands. Mind you I am not undermining the stay at home moms.
So why wait for Mothers Day??.....Tell her how much you appreciate what she does or even better let your actions speak your mind. Need ideas??....Take her out for dinner, let her splurge in the mall, send her flowers…..umm….oops…..something smells burnt…..Adios people! while you are at it, I managed to burn dinner that I was cooking for Mom n Daadi. The two of them are out watching a play. J