Saturday, January 07, 2006


Their relationship dates back to what seems like an eternity, yet they still appear to be very much in love. Together they have survived the changes of time and tide and proven that “There is such a thing as true love!” They were just meant to be together; anybody who knew them would think “Here is a made for each other couple”. Bhoomi shy, patient and balanced and Sagar the extrovert with a dynamic personality; they perfectly complement each other.

It was a clear, starry night with a gentle breeze blowing. A full moon was visible on the horizon and love was in the air. Sagar gently presented to Bhoomi the treasures of his sea kingdom – a big white conch, a few silver shells and corals of the deepest blue. He waited expectantly to see her reaction. Bhoomi stared at the gifts in wonderment and a smile broke on her lips; she had never seen such things before. “Here put this to your ear and you will hear me,” urged Sagar, handing the big white conch to Bhoomi. Bhoomi did so and was amazed by what she heard. She was impressed. From that day on Sagar continues to pamper Bhoomi with treasures of his kingdom…

After all these years they still laugh, tease and fight with each other. Sometimes Sagar and Bhoomi appear playful like young lovers, Sagar whispering sweet nothings into Bhoomi’s ear; at times they seem like content, mature lovers, taking a leisurely walk on a moonlit night. Every once in a while Sagar throws this temper tantrum; Bhoomi patiently bears his lashings. Bhoomi knows that its really not Sagar’s fault and that Mr. Moon is responsible for Sagar’s wild side. Sagar feels really guilty for his behavior, he begs Bhoomi to forgive him and then they kiss and make up.

Together they have come a long way. Sagar has always been supportive of Bhoomi’s progress and success. For centuries now, till date, Sagar and Bhoomi together, nurture and support life in its various forms.

May their love prevail!