Monday, March 10, 2008


Last thursday was Mahashivratra and I decided to fast just so I could rid myself of the guilt for eating the special foods that are associated with fasts in Maharashta. Below are some pictures of the food that I made for the day. Going by the pictures, mine looks more of feasting than fasting... ;)

How do you fast?

Sabudana Khichadi

Grated sweet potato stir fry aka 'Ratalyacha kees'

Peanut-Jaggery laddoos
Sweet potato chips


Nandan said...

wow...Sweet potato chips look delicious :)

How do I fast? -- No hard and fast rule :)

Gowtham said...

I used to fast ... while in India every two weeks on Ekadashi- no water nothing from sunrise till sunset and a bowl of poha (mixed with jaggery and milk and coconut) later...

but this post of yours reminds me of a poem in kannada - pretty popular for kids while I was growing up.

I have heard how great a well-made sabudana khichadi can taste but so far, I am yet to taste it. Would appreciate the recipe too :D

Akira said...

@Nandan: Thanks. Pudhchya weles amchya kade ye pharalala, kaay? :)

No rules are good eh? ;)

@Gowtham: Now that is true fasting!..what is the send it across (the translation of course).

This was my first attempt at making khichadi and it came out ok....neither excellent nor bad..just is a link to the recipe.. like her recipe is similar, except that I also add red chilli powder too for the color..

I am said...

girl you are in some serious cooking ...nice nice...yumm... :)