Thursday, December 21, 2006


Its been a while since I have written....that my grey cells need exercise is evident from my previous an attempt to have a regular work-out...okay warm-up at least :)....I am planning to write a short piece daily......Inspiration for the work-outs has been derived from Shoefie, a blogger whose writing I love!....not sure if I will get to the precision of 100 words...but keeping it short is the is my 1st short piece for your preview...


It was a late spring evening and the sky was alight. Its goldens and pinks intersected haphazardly and gave it the appearance of a huge modern art painting. Another lonely evening, he thought and let out a loud sigh. As he looked up helplessly, he saw the birds hastily returning to their nests. Of late, everybody seemed to be in a hurry! The twittering of the birds was drowned by the cheer that rose among the group watching the football game. He realised it had been ages since he had played the game.

In the field, Ishaan had the game under his control. Lean, dark with his long mane of black hair, Ishaan appeared like a black stallion cruising the field with the speed of lightening. Ishaan scored the victorious goal and was swept off the ground by his team-mates.

As he looked up from his thoughts towards the loud group, his eyes met Ishaan’s. In a flash they were transported to the cold December night….. Ishaan was at the wheel…. they were on I-95 heading towards the airport to catch their flight to LA…….his next memory was of waking up in the hospital room…..

A sharp pain rose in his heart and he winced as he tried to get up with the help of his crutches……he looked down at his amputated legs…..Ishaan looked up to the heavens…..his mind clogged by memories of the cruel twist of fate..

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