Friday, December 01, 2006


Lord Ganesha helmet awareness poster
Received this poster in my email and thought it was worth sharing, considering the traffic sense that we display, the road conditions and last but not the least for the creativity, humor and the instant appeal that is inherent to the poster.
There was a lot of hullabaloo over the decision that made helmets compulsory for two-wheeler drivers in the state. After all the protests, debates and tomfoolery the decision remains unimplemented; wearing a helmet still continues to be an individual decision/preference.
Friends, please…
  • Drive safe. Driving rashly not only puts your life at risk but also that of the numerous others who are on the road. I know many examples who have suffered fatalities due to the rash driving of others.
  • Respect time. From my own experience I can say that I tend to drive rashly if I am running late. I think about it often. Now when I am running late and driving I tell myself, “Your super time management is causing you to drive rashly and sooner or later you are going to pay for this.” Sometimes the driver in me heeds to this sometimes not. I have learnt that most of the times human beings initiate change only after something bad happens to them. Anyhoo, I am trying!
  • Follow traffic rules.Nobody follows rules. Why should I??? There are more chances of getting hurt if I follow rules!”…yea I can hear you saying that but, surely we can turn around the situation if each one of us thinks otherwise.
  • Wear Helmet. (when on a two-wheeler ;)). That is the least that you can do to ensure your safety on the road. Stop giving lame excuses like – I hate to carry it around, ruins my hair, etc. If you can’t, go get yourself a car or take a liking to public transport. I am serious, no kidding.. :)
Reading this might help in interpreting the poster.

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Anonymous said...

In India, roads/highways are becoming better and better. It is time now to think about safety of travelers by creating awareness of road safety rules.

Regarding helmets, it is always safe to wear a full crash helmet. In early 80s, when motorbikes were less and scooters were becoming popular, driving sense on the roads were better compared to present day. Now, with scooters becoming less and roads filled with motorbikes, it is always a good idea to wear helmets!