Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Angels were visiting us; two, extremely adorable, lovable angels. These little angels were –
So energetic that their parents fall asleep trying to put them to sleep….
Generous enough to forgive me w/ a meek smile when I gobbled up their last chocolate chip cookie…Shrewd enough to divert the topic when I asked them to share their walkie-talkie password w/ me….
Young enough to enjoy an evening in the park or on the swing….Grown-up enough to ask me about my boyfriends…
Silly enough to believe in ghosts….Smart enough to figure out the TV channel that ran their favorite Cartoon Network, to always get a hold of my cell phone for their play, to convince me to turn on the computer for their games…
Naïve enough to believe in all my made-up stories…Smart enough to pick on my code language w/ their ma….
So peaceful when they slept…..So noisy during their waking hours that they made me blow off every few minutes….
Their presence seemed to shake our mundane life into action. I got some free lessons in anger management. Order to them, is boring, chaos, on the other hand, is a lot of fun. In the few days that I spent w/ them, I have learnt to let go. So what if somebody messes up your car radio settings; you can always re-tune. So what if there are food crumbs all over the place; cleaning isn't such a big deal. "Don’t sweat the small stuff", has been my mantra for the most of past week.
But just as these important lessons are beginning to sink in and I am getting used to the amplified decibel levels at home, they are GONE.
I am going to miss you darlings. Visit me soon!


Anonymous said...

:-) Good one!

Traveler said...

Very well written and intelligent photography! Wish you a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

bachche..., mann ke sachche :).
I am sure you had a wonderful time!