Saturday, November 11, 2006


View from Science Museum at St. Paul, MN

Winter is slowly creeping in here.....the hot dry days of Oct. are over.....the mornings and evenings are crispy cool.....and the urge to snooze the morning alarm and snuggle in my soft blanket is on the rise with every passing day.....WINTER.....bouts of allergic cold....the joy of sipping ginger flavored tea.....the itchy feeling of crackling skin.....soft smelling moisturizer lotions.....the sun bathing in the garden reading a book and watching the chirpy birds go about their chores.....the campfires and all the yapping done sitting around it...thats my winter......Although I am glad to be away from the snowy wintry places.....I guess I will miss the anticipation and the sight of the 1st snowfall and will surely miss the joy that early Spring sunshine brings.....

Whats your winter like?

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Traveler said...

Nice picture! the smoke gives it a mysterious effect. I have seen winters with varying intensities. The best thing I remember of winters while growing up is the warmth of my blanket and the campfires (shekoti is the right word). Winters in US were initially unbearable but now are not bad. Hope global warming helps this :)