Sunday, October 29, 2006


Himalayan Peaks as seen from Kausani, India

Rain clouds gather and the temperature drops.....there is an excited anticipation in the, men, birds, animals; all are eagerly awaiting for the water to succumb to gravity.....will it rain?? will, but only, WHEN ITS TIME.....if it is NOT, a gentle breeze will be sufficient to carry the rain clouds far far away.....and WHEN ITS TIME the rain clouds will be summoned from their abode even on a hot sunny day and rain it will, even though you least expected keep in mind this 'lil mantra..."WHEN ITS TIME".. :)....and then you will realise that denials are just delays...

Herez a song that says just this....To Everything Turn Turn Turn

Njoy!! :)


Anonymous said...

True :).
jab jab jo jo hona hai,
tab tab so so hota hai.

But, is there something like -
there are some who make things happen and there are few otheres who wait for things to happen!

Anonymous said...

very well written! you have some great pics here. nice song bw!!

Akira said...

@Shyam: Of course one has to put in efforts, but there is a time/destiny/fate element too.

@direkishore: Thanks :)..keep stopping by..

Anonymous said...

a nice hazy picture....can u mention the location of it.

Akira said...

@Kalyan: Thanks...This is the view of Himalayan ranges as seen from Kausani, Uttaranchal

Gowtham said...


I was about ask the same question (ask Kalyan) - nice hazy appearance.

What camera (and accessories) and software do you use for your shots??

Traveler said...

Hey Akira,

Nice picture and also very nice prose below it. These lines 'If time is right' are very apt and also very imaginative for this snap. Its good poetic thought but one thought comes to my mind that it is the reason east is a step behind west. It is said that time is never wrong to take a right step. There is golden mean or high probability period. I like the snap

Traveler said...


Thanks for your thanks. :). I got interested and was reading reverberations and the pictures in the blog from where this comes are just amazing. I feel like putting one on my desktop.