Sunday, January 14, 2007


The holiday season and cheer are long gone. This is generally the time for merry-making, gift-shopping, and also to an extent thinking about the past, taking stock of the present and weaving new dreams for the future. Ever wondered about what would be the best and most cherished gift that you could gift somebody and anybody? .....LIFE would be it.

Recently I happened to read 2 articles about organ donation. The articles made me aware of the sorry state of organ donation in India and the need for the masses to be educated about the this concept. I was all fired up about pledging my organs after the reads. However, I think the decision will require some more study and contemplation.

I thought it might be a good idea to trigger your thought process towards organ donation. Here are the articles that impacted me....

The Gift of Life
A New Life


Advocatus Diaboli said...

All organs should be donated or used for research/teaching. Why burn/bury something so priceless!

Akira said...

If only the practicalities were made simpler..

direkishore said...

Yes, creating awareness is the most important step. Even among the educated crowd, people don't pledge their organs simply because they are not aware of the process involved or where they could do it. Here, in the US one has the option to notify authorities about your wish, right when you sign up for a Driver's License! I think that's an excellent idea. Even in India, I remember how blood donation was well driven in the 90's and it is not so much of an issue now.