Saturday, April 01, 2006


Change, accepting change, dealing w/ change, etc. seem to be the buzzwords of our rapidly changing world. Many good books have been written about the same. To successfully survive the changes of time and tide, one needs to accept the fact that change is inevitable and having accepted that, brace oneself to make the best of these oncoming changes.
Azim Premji; successful businessman, founder of Wipro gave a presentation at IIM-A about “The Changing World”. He based this presentation on his own experiences and it can be summarized in the following 11 points. I happened to read this presentation in a Marathi newspaper. My summary is a loose translation of the same.
  • Be a good sensor - Know the signs of change and watch out for them.
  • Change is always lurking around the corner. Be proactive and try to prepare yourself for the same.
  • Change always brings along new opportunities. Look out for these.
  • Avoid getting into the comfort-zone of your routine.
  • It is natural to fear the insecurity that change brings w/ it. Use this fear positively, to plan for change.
  • Renew yourself constantly.
  • Be in the company of pro-change people Vs anti-change.
  • Play to win; give it your best shot.
  • Maintain your self-esteem.
  • Never forego your values and morals.
  • Being successful is far different and important than just living/existing. Your success not only positively affects you but also society at large.

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Kusum Rohra said...

For our final year farwell party i had prepared a brief speech based on azimji's thoughts he had presented in one of the award ceremony, what you have listed here is pretty much the same.

Totally agree with all of it.