Thursday, March 02, 2006

Simbly Z(S)even

Alrighty………I have been tagged……..courtesy Kusum… here it goes…. :)

7 things to do before I die:

  1. Globe trot (….squeeze in road trips and backpacking trips….fly business class)… Okay, if not anything, at least take a trip to Kailash Mansarovar.
  2. Pamper my family crazy.
  3. Anger management, learn to be more tolerant.
  4. Start my own restaurant.
  5. Be a cool dancer.
  6. Stop swearing completely.
  7. Do my bit for old people and/or something related to Indian heritage.

7 things I can't do: (for now…except the last couple )

  1. Prepare Bhakri. (yumm….my favorite.)
  2. Write poetry.
  3. Think w/ my head instead of heart when required.
  4. Tinker w/ gadgets and stuff.
  5. Initiate and carry on a nerdy conversation.
  6. Swim.
  7. Be false.

7 things I always say:

  1. Tch….or Mtch….
  2. Whateverr!
  3. I’m hungry….
  4. I mean…
  5. Like Helloow…
  6. Cool….
  7. Anyhoo…..

7 books I have loved:

  1. Love Story
  2. The 7 spiritual laws of success
  3. The Monk who sold his Ferrari
  4. Time Machine
  5. A Cup of Comfort for Friends
  6. arab bhASheteel suras va chamatkaarik kathA
  7. badalata bhArat

7 things I get attracted to:

  1. Nature
  2. Rain
  3. Smells - Cologne/after shave, earth after the first rain, warm spicy food.
  4. Good vegetarian food.
  5. People - Creative, Funny, Good cooks, Philosophers, Achievers, people like me ;)

Sorry can’t think of more….

7 movies I love to watch over and over: (Well not over and over…’coz I am not a movie buff…..but I could modify this to movies I have enjoyed)

  1. Life is Beautiful
  2. Iqbal
  3. Dumb and Dumber
  4. Austin Powers
  5. Terminal

Sorry can’t think of more….

1 Person I am tagging


Akira said...

Alright Kusum. I oblige ;)……no…no….What I actually wanted to say is…pleejh, pleejh, pleejh…forgive me for not responding for your 1st tag request (if that is what it is supposed to be called)….(hollering melodramatically…try the Dharam paaji kinda voice)tumne mujhe meri zindagi ka pehla tag diya aur maine……

but I still want your friendship okay??...;)….Totally e-sham eh?...

Neways…...haffun... :)

Kusum Rohra said...

Kuch bhi kya!!! of course you have my friendship, there are very few people who are happily tolerating me, i cant give up on any heheh..

LOl to that dharam paaji wala dialogue i would (in a very aloof amitabh bachchan sholay style) say :"nautanki ban kar veeru.... er ...akira heheh.

I think i can add the following to my list too:

Stop swearing completely.

Initiate and carry on a nerdy conversation.

U haffun too sweets :)