Sunday, November 27, 2005


“Umm….I guess the write-up was the result of a rare creative burst that happens to me once in a while,” I told my father when he genuinely appreciated something that I wrote.

“Maybe. But you should continue to write. I think you have a flair for writing,” said Dad, as always, trying to encourage me.

“I don’t know how it works, but these ideas don’t come see me everyday! They are like these friends with whom I do not hang out regularly, yet meeting them out-of-the-blue gives me immense happiness,” I complained.

Dad smiled at my analogy. “Make it point to write down your ideas WHEN they come to you,” advised Dad. “Do you remember chasing those feathery, white seeds as a child?” he asked. I nodded a yes and waited for him to continue.

“Remember, our ideas are like those seeds floating in the air. If you grab them they are yours, else they float away never to be seen again.”

Dad’s explanation made sense. Now, I keep a small diary and pen in my purse. The moment I sense an idea floating past, I make sure I scribble it in this diary for later reference.

Thought I’d share this ‘lil tip…

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Harshita said...

Should try that..wht ur dad said is very true..
I don't know if u have experienced this but its not just the idea floating away..but ur perception to it also differs if u try n write about it at a later time..
Its like trying to write about a rainy day when u were stuck in a flooded street or had to cancel out on plans that u were so looking forward too for a really long time..
and try writing about it when you have planned to visit sinhagad or lonavla..right in the middle of the rainy season...
I think i'm writing another blog in this comment..