Saturday, September 24, 2005


Almost every other person I meet these days questions me about the “M-word”. My answers range from genuinely updating them about the status quo to quick repartees and sarcastic remarks to awkward smile followed by “umm…well…yes..uh..” to asking them the exact same question. Of course the nature of my answer mainly depends on the person posing this question and to some extent my perception of his/her intention behind asking this question.
On days when I am in a cranky mood, I really get pissed off when somebody whom I hardly know asks me about the “M-word”. What irritates me even more is when such a person insists on an answer. Give me a break!
“So anything interesting happening in life??”
“Umm......but how come you did not find someone for yourself yet?”
“So mamma dada looking out for somebody?.....are you seeing somebody?...anything in the pipeline?”
“Heyy when are you getting married?”
“We’ve been waiting for laddoos(sweets) for a long time now......I think you are trying to be too scrutinous......I would suggest you reach a decision in another 6 months......its high time now!”
These are some of the sample questions/advice that I am subjected to.
Although I am very appreciative of our friendly, non-formal culture, I get a wee bit annoyed when people I hardly know start questioning me like that. Can’t we have a normal conversation without this discussion or is it some protocol that “every marriageable person must be questioned or coached to death about the “M-word”?
Finding a life partner is one of the most important decisions of a person’s life. With arranged marriages still a common practice in my community people going through this process have their own concerns, worries and frustrations. So friends and people why add to their pot of worries by your questions and advice?? Think about how the person might feel when you subject him/her to your volley of questions n advice or even better think how you would feel were you in his/her position and only then say what you have to say.
Well before I get into that rant n rave mode, I have an announcement to make…..(I know what you are thinking)… goes….Friends, relatives, colleagues, curious neighbors, I would like to announce that, I will personally inform you when I find Mr. Right. Till then happy guessing and gossiping!!


Kusum Rohra said...

Hey akira we all poor tortured souls can form a union :)

Janefield said...

Hi Akira, I feel your pain. Its a typical Indian scenario. People in India feel it is their birthright to ask the most personal questions to someone they know or barely know even. There is a popular email forward on 'great comebacks to the annoying questions about your singlehood'. The witty sarcasm in the answers, would, however, be lost on some of these nosey parkers!

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